About us

BEAM Mitchell Environment Group is an independent community group based in Mitchell Shire

Membership is open to anyone sharing our interests, vision and principles. We believe the strength of our group is in its members and the interests, experience and enthusiasm they bring.


A thriving community, locally active and globally aware


  •     Stand up on issues that impact our environment
  •     Take a collaborative approach and support one another
  •     Respect each other – everyone has something to offer
  •     Be accountable for what we say and do


BEAM is about acting locally on global issues

There are many urgent global issues we are addressing through local programs and through our wider support of other organisations and activities tackling these issues:  

  • Climate change:  reducing carbon emissions and dealing with the impact of climate change
  • Food security:  as well as peak oil, we may be past peak land, peak water, peak phosphorus.  Someone even suggested peak oxygen!  We now have centuries of soil  degradation.  And we have concerns about the ethics of food production and the quality of the food we eat.
  • Biodiversity decline: in Australia, habitat loss and fragmentation and ongoing gradual destruction caused by management practices is bringing us closer to the extinction of many species and a decline in the ecological processes that support us.
  • Social justice: caring for the environment and caring for people are two sides of the same coin. We cannot have one without the other.

Our programs to address these issues include renewable energy, domestic and business energy conservation, transport, municipal planning, waste, local and bulk food initiatives, nature conservation in local reserves and the wider landscape, and more.

Join us

If you are interested in creating a more sustainable future in and around the Mitchell Shire, and if you looking for a new challenge, and the opportunity to:

  • Contribute your ideas and skills, and shape the future of your environment group?
  • Gain new knowledge and skills?
  • Expand your networks and meet new people?

join BEAM, join in our activities and join the committee.

For more information about BEAM, read about:

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