How to complete your BBFS order

How to place an order

  1. You can either phone through your order (which incurs a 15% levy) or complete the Excel spreadsheet order form on the main page.  Don’t forget to include all your contact details.
  2. There are several sections – the bulk goods items are at the top in alphabetical order, while spices and other household goods are below.  There is a legend on the left that explains what the codes mean.
  3. You only need to input the quantity you require (only order in minimum quantity lots, more tips on this on the order form page) and everything else is calculated for you.
  4. A levy applies to all orders and is based on your level of involvement.  Choose the levy that applies to you.  The levy helps with purchase of equipment and supports operating costs to ensure a successful bulk foods scheme.
  5. All orders will incur a freight cost.  This is based on the value of the order.  The levy is not applied to the delivery fee.
  6. How do I Pay?  Everything is to be paid for by EFT (direct bank transfer) before collection day BUT we don’t want you to pay until we’ve worked out how much of everything we’re getting!
  7. After all the orders are in, we will work everything out, place orders with suppliers and amend your orders where required (some items may be out of stock when we order). You will receive an email with an updated order, payment amount and bank details – then you can pay!
  8. Goods will be divided two or three weeks later –  you must provide suitable containers and jars on the day or you will be charged an additional $10.  Help out by bringing your friends and neighbours containers if they cannot make it and help take their goods home again.
  9. Dividing/sorting is at 9.30am, pick up only is from 12pm. If you cannot collect your goods on the pick up date please inform Cynthia (0403 831 520) and arrange who will be bringing your containers and when you can collect your goods.