New to buying in bulk? Here are our tips

Tricks to buying in bulk

  • If you’re new to buying in bulk consider a big pantry clean out to make space and initially only purchase those things you use often.
  • Invest in large, airtight, food grade containers that are only big enough for the weight you can personally lift.
  • Start labeling your containers so it’s easy to identify your items when it comes time to collect your goods.
  • Start marking off the items you want to buy and the quantities on the list and keep a new list to mark as you finish items up for the next purchase.
  • Keep tabs on how quickly you go through things so you know how much to order next time.
  • Spread the love and share your excess goods.  Initially it’s difficult to work out how much to order – some will have ordered too much and others too little so make it known if you need to share your excess to keep things fresh and to keep others using the good stuff! You can do this via the BEAM Bulk Food Scheme or The Food Exchange Facebook pages or by contacting the administrator directly with what you seek or have excess of.

Things to do before placing an order

  1. Check your stocks of the products available for purchase. Estimate how much of these items you will need for the next 4 months.
  2. Start cleaning and labeling your containers & ensure you have enough storage space for your purchases.  Only get storage containers you can comfortably lift.