2013 BEAM dinner and AGM report

BEAM AGM13 Committee

BEAM Committee for 2013/14 (l-r): Barb Moss (secretary), Marie Gerrard, Peter Hargen, David Atkinson (treasurer), Peter Lockyer (vice-president) and Richard Telford (president). Absent: Caro Morris (publicity officer), Jacqui Sims and Linda Kennedy

Saturday August 17 was the AGM for BEAM AGM held at Gavan Hall in Broadford.  It was a cool wintry evening.  Approximately 35 people attended and brought a delicious assortment of food that more than adequately covered a three-course meal for everyone.

Phil Bourne ably (as usual) hosted the evening while Irene Telford worked behind the scenes to ensure we had timely meals.

Guests welcomed to the dinner included Councillors Bill Chisholm, Rhonda Sanderson and Rodney Parker as well as Leigh Ewbank and his partner Cassie from Friends of the Earth / Yes2Renewables program.

Following entrée/soup, the AGM proper was held with Peter Lockyer giving the vice president’s report in the absence of Caroline Morris who was travelling up north with her family.  Barbara Moss presented the Treasurers Report Insert link.  Auditing of the finances was undertaken by Raymond Fagg of Kilmore.  The election was held with the new committee being:

President: Richard Telford
Vice President: Peter Lockyer
Secretary: Barbara Moss
Treasurer: David Atkinson
Publicity Officer: Caroline Morris
Committee: Marie Gerrard
Committee: Peter Hagen
Committee: Jacqui Sims
Committee: Linda Kennedy (co-opted after the AGM)
Committee: Ray Grant (co-opted after the AGM)

The main meal was enjoyed after the AGM.  Then Richard, the new President, welcomed the new committee and gave a short address.  He and Peter Lockyer presented life memberships to two long term members Peter Mitchell and Barbara Moss.

New members Cynthia Lim and Linda Kennedy then spoke on their experiences with BEAM particularly involved with the Fair Food Stall held at the Seymour Market earlier in the day and the Bulk Food Group.

BEAM AGM13 Food Team

Linda Kennedy and Cynthia Lim present on local food.

After another round of foraging for deserts and coffee, Leigh Ewbank from Yes2Renewables spoke over dessert about Renewable Energy with a particular focus on the Cherry Tree Range wind farm campaign.

The final speaker was Peter Mitchell updating us on the impact of state and local government policies on biodiversity and on the progress of the Piper Biolink and where it sits within the Melbourne Ark and the Central Victorian Biolink?

The Raffle was drawn and, honestly, both prizes were won by the councillors.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable and informative evening with lots of opportunities to form and renew connections among the participants and lots of fine food.

Many thanks to the people who attended plus the organisers of the event.  Thanks also to Rotary Southern Mitchell for the use of the audio equipment and data projector.


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