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Concern over regulation changes

Open Letter to the Victorian Government on Proposed Changes to Native Vegetation Regulations – May 2013

BEAM Mitchell Environment is deeply concerned about the State Government’s proposed changes to the native vegetation regulations.

Clearing established habitat and vegetation is of great concern

Clearing established habitat and vegetation is of great concern

BEAM is based in Mitchell Shire.  The Group has been working and lobbying on environment matters, mostly with positive results for the community and the Shire, for 23 years.  Our role in and support of the local community is recognised by Mitchell Shire Council.  We have more than 70 members.

BEAM understands that the objectives of the proposed reforms of the State Government’s native vegetation clearing regulations are to produce more targeted environmental outcomes while reducing red tape for landholders.  We agree that these are worthy objectives. But we have deep concerns about some aspects of the reforms which lessen the regulations around permitted clearing and will leave many areas of environmental significance unprotected.

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Trust for Nature ‘High Camp’ Open Day

Trust for Nature recently purchased nearly 700 hectares of privately-owned land near Kilmore through its conservation market tool, the Revolving Fund.  An open day is being held on the 15th June from 10.30am – 12.30pm including morning tea at their latest acquisition at 85 Crawfords Road, Highcamp.

The historic Crawford Family property in High Camp, Goulburn Broken, totaled 850 hectares and was held by the family for more than 150 years. Trust for Nature bought the majority of the property late last year through its Revolving Fund, which identifies properties of high conservation value to protect and then sell on to conservation minded buyers. On the day of the auction a critically endangered Golden Sun Moth was seen in the extensive grasslands across the property.

The historic Crawford Family property in High Camp, Goulburn Broken

The historic Crawford Family property in High Camp, Goulburn Broken recently purchase by Trust for Nature

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March Against Monsanto

BEAM member Linda Kennedy writes about why Genetically Modified food production and seed control is an issue that we should all be aware of.

On Saturday 25th of May I took the kids to the State Library to a protest called ‘March Against Monsanto’.  Millions of people rallied at the same time in 436 cities and 52 countries globally to publicise a variety of concerns about the genetic manipulation of seeds, the safety and labeling of GM foods and the concentrated ownership of the seed supply.

March Against Monsanto - Melbourne 25th May 2013

March Against Monsanto – Melbourne 25th May 2013

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Reclaim Victoria’s Environment!


The Victorian government is pushing us toward economic disaster as they paralyse growth in our clean energy industry, to milk what’s left of archaic and extremely polluting fossil fuels.

These actions, coming at a time when all of us are experiencing an increase in extreme weather events caused by climate change, don’t serve you, your family, or Victorians. Continue reading

The *SLOW* in Simple Living

There’s a wealth of information online about living more sustainably, particularly in blogs with some of our own BEAM members contributing to these. One member, Linda Kennedy, recently wrote about slow living…

Getting in touch with the earth

Stepping into a way of life that’s healthier and more meaningful

I have heard many bloggers talk about the fact that slow living is anything but slow! I have had a whinge or two about it myself. I prefer to think of my lifestyle as simple living.

I can see why people choose to talk about ‘slow living’ though. We are moving away from a life of convenience and choosing to take the long road to get the results we want. While it is not the convenient route, but a path that creates extra work, we try to do things in a way that they were done well before supermarkets existed. And it really is ‘slow’ living. Everything is pared back to grass roots – it is a lot slower to make a garment than buy it in the shops, slower to grow broccoli for a few months, slower to make your soap than buy it, but the rewards are amazing!

There is the satisfaction of having made a product, there are health benefits and a sense of peace in knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint. These benefits far outweigh any lack of convenience! To read the remainder of this post feel free to drop in and visit my blog.

Cheers, Linda Kennedy

David Holmgren on International Permaculture Day

Co-originator of the Permaculture Concept welcomes the ‘coming out’ of permies across the globe who are getting their house’s in order and opening their gardens for all to see.

Find out more about what’s on around the world here.