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Government’s key environment promise goes to water


The Victorian Environment Assessment Council “provides independent and strategic advice relating to the protection and sustainable management of Victoria’s environment and natural resources”.   It comprises five board members and uses larger community reference groups for its investigations.  Governments are notorious for cherry-picking VEAC reports, and even asking for investigations on politically-motivated issues.

The Remnant Native Vegetation Investigation was requested by the previous government.  BEAM welcomed the investigation and made submissions to the investigation and the draft report.  Unfortunately, VEAC did not report the investigation until early 2011 when the present government was in power.  This investigation was particularly relevant to rural Victoria and included waterways.  Its recommendations seem to have been lost.  The move for a VEAC investigation into the condition and management of freshwater ecosystems is another topic of great relevance to rural Victoria, and one that should be supported by conservation groups.  Hence BEAM has added their voice to the joint statement from the Victorian National Parks Association calling for this investigation.

The media statement below is reproduced from the Victorian National Parks Association

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Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee is seeking members

The Council will soon be seeking nominations for membership of the Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee.  The position is for two years.  We encourage any willing BEAM members to nominate.  Details will be posted on the BEAM website when available.

Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee provides direct input to Mitchell Shire Council on matters relating to the environment.  We address both the natural environment and the sustainable living aspects of Council strategies and plans.  Over the years, the Committee has provided detailed and well-reasoned responses to the Council, and are our views are heard and often included in the Council documents.

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It’s nice to be appreciated

National Volunteer Week - Certificate of AppreciationVolunteering Australia and the Mitchell Shire Council presented BEAM with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of the work that we do.

So here’s to all of our members that have chipped in and helped out along the way… THANKS!

Stop the pollution!

11 year old Hollie Kirby

11 year old Hollie Kirby, from Wallan Primary wrote about the change she would like to see in people’s habits that appeared in the North Central Review.

It’s a powerful message that brings hope for a better future. We’ve reproduced her letter here with her permission.

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like in years to come?

If it will be healthy and fit, or weak and ill, I know that if we don’t stop it now our entire future will be polluted. Polluted with chemicals floating in the sky, and polluted with rubbish happily killing the world below.

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‘Fair Food’ at the Seymour Market

Fair Food Week logoWoo Hoo! Calling all BEAM members and Black Marketers!  Something big is happening in your neck of the woods!!!

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is holding their first ever Fair Food Week and we are taking part!  BEAM Mitchell Environment Group is hosting an event at the Seymour Market on the 17th August.  We’re joining forces with Nexus Primary Health, MCRAG, and heaps of other community groups.  We will be showing the public just what can be achieved on a local scale when it comes to food.  There are so many of us in Mitchell enjoying and celebrating local food on a daily basis.  This is our opportunity to come out of hiding, join forces and show everyone the strength in home gardens, community, organic food and local food producers!

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First Bulk Foods purchase

Bulk Foods - Smaller bags

Nick and Cynthia purchased some good quality scales that we used to check and weigh up bags

Cynthia Lim is one of the people who was instrumental in organising BEAM’s first bulk food buying in many years. She and her husband Nick run as small farm Blue Tongue Berries near Seymour specialising in Blueberries, but they also sell some great jams and sauces. They have a passion towards sustainability and creating community and recently became BEAM members. Cynthia writes about her experience with the Bulk Food purchase that we recently made for 10 families – as a pilot before inviting more BEAM members.

Cynthia and Linda Kennedy will be presenting information about the Bulk Buying group and local foods at our AGM on August 17th at Gavan Hall in Broadford.

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