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Wind Farms: What we can’t hear can’t harm

Wind TurbineThis article is written by BEAM member Sarah Durrant and was first published on Australia’s leading clean tech and energy policy website, RenewEconomy.

In a new analysis, the Australian Energy Market Operator estimates Victoria will have 4,090 MW of new wind energy capacity installed by 2020. Those who support more renewables in the energy mix will welcome the forecast, yet it may be optimistic.

Today (Friday September 27), the Victorian Civil Administration Tribunal (VCAT) will resume the decision making process on the Cherry Tree Range wind farm proposed for central Victoria. Despite meeting the world’s strictest wind farm planning laws and laying outside the multitude of no-go zones imposed by the Baillieu government, the project could be thwarted. By what? The self interest and pseudo-science trumpeted by anti-wind farm groups.

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VCAT hearing on the proposed Cherry Tree Wind Farm will resume this week

VCATReproduced from The Weekly Times 24th September 2013

The case to build the 16-turbine wind farm at Trawool was last heard at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in April but was adjourned until Friday when more studies about the potential health and environmental impacts of wind turbines were completed.

The BEAM Mitchell Environment Group wrote a letter to VCAT last week urging a quick determination in favor of the proposed wind farm.

“BEAM continues to be of the opinion that the benefits to our community far exceed any potential for negative impact,”  BEAM President Richard Telford said.

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BEAM letter to VCAT urging approval for Cherry Tree Wind Farm

This letter was sent to H McM Wright QC, Planning and Environment List, VCAT on the 17th of September. It can be downloaded as a pdf here


VCAT Ref No: P2910/2012

BEAM Mitchell Environment Group would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm its support for the proposed Cherry Tree Wind Farm, to be located in the vicinity of the Trawool Valley in Mitchell Shire. BEAM previously wrote to the VCAT Tribunal in December 2012, detailing its reasons for supporting the grant of the permit, and this was followed by a supplementary submission by letter in January 2013.

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Victorian Wind Alliance’s 2013 McEwen Candidate Scorecard


Stretching from Seymour down to the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne, the McEwen electorate has some of the state’s best inland wind resources. It is home to the proposed wind farm project at Cherry Tree Range (currently held up in the planning system). Coupled with the community’s strong interest in wind energy at both the community and utility scale, wind energy is an important local issue for McEwen.

Share the scorecard among your friends, family and peers so they can understand where your candidates stand on this important issue. Originally posted on the VicWind website.

fb_is320.jpgShare the McEwen Scorecard on Facebook

fb_is320.jpgShare the Campaign Scorecard on Facebook

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McEwen Candidates Forum reviewed

Candidates Forum in Seymour

(l-r)Bruce Stevens (Katter’s Australian Party), Ferdi Verdan (Rise Up Australia Party), Rob Mitchell (Labor), Neil Barker (the Greens), Victoria Nash (Australian Sex Party) and Trevor Dance (Palmer United). Unfortunately Ian Cranson (Country Alliance), Barry Newton (Family First) and Donna Petrovich (Liberal) were absent.

The Seymour We Want group conducted a candidates forum last Wed 28th August; an  opportunity  for locals to find out just what the candidates stand for, discuss the policies of each party, and quiz the candidates about matters of greatest concern to the locals. Several members of BEAM went along for the evening, and publishes the following commentary about how the various candidates for McEwen presented their cases.

One of the candidates for a major party didn’t attend –  Donna Petrovich , Liberal Candidate for McEwen wasn’t present  – and Barry Newton for Family First, and Ian Cranson for Country Alliance were also absent.

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BEAM’s questions to candidates largely ignored – with one exception

Neil Barker - The Greens

Neil Barker – The Greens candidate for McEwen

After the election was first called and the candidates became known, BEAM also took the time to send a questionnaire to each, asking for their views about issues that would be of interest to the BEAM membership. By the closing date of last Friday 30st August, only one questionnaire (from a total of nine) had been completed and returned. You can find how Green’s candidate Neil Barker views the issues by reading on.
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Evasive action on energy and climate change

With over three weeks notice given by the organisers of the Seymour Candidates Forum, Donna Petrovich announces that a ‘diary clash’ was the cause of her unavailability for the night.
The very similar excuse of ‘diary error’ was made by Ms Petrovich to Mayor Bill Melbourne regarding important meetings to determine the Liberal Party’s aspirations and priorities for the Mitchell Shire.

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