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Report from outgoing President, Richard Telford

Outgoing president, Richard Telford

Outgoing president, Richard Telford

Richard presented this report at our AGM on the 16th of August, which includes a selection of our achievements over the past year and the announcement of a Life Membership to Caro Morris.

Thank you for all making the effort to join us tonight, which promises to be fun with food for thought.  My thoughts are also with our treasurer this evening, David Atkinson, who is unable to make it because of a sickness in his family.

The public face of BEAM has increased significantly over the past year. We’ve increased our membership and online presence considerably. Of note, our Facebook community has blossomed – the BEAM Sustainability Network, formed in December by Linda Kennedy has been actively in building networks in the community.

The Cherry Tree Wind Farm Campaign has helped raise our profile in the locality and was the main focus of our activity during the later part of last year.

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