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BEAM Bulk Food Scheme 2019 – orders now open!

A new year and a fabulous new line up of products has made it to our bulk foods list to tantalise your tastebuds and nourish your families. Head to the BBFS page for the February 2019 order form.


  • ORDERS DUE: Wednesday 6 February midnight.
  • PAY 50% DEPOSIT: Before 10 February.
  • DIVIDING UP DAY: Wednesday 27 February at Blue Tongue Berries. Individuals between 9am to 10:30am and pods after 10:45am.
  • EMAIL BBFS COORDINATOR: If your order has not been acknowledged by 8 February, please contact Cynthia or call 0403 831 520

Please note the following changes to the Bulk Food order system for 2019:

  1. The list has been extended to include many more every day items and where possible, if the cost difference is not great we have taken the organic or biodynamic option rather than the conventional. We are still battling to source some items such as local vinegars and cashews seem to originate from Vietnam now and bicarb seems to be from China. Happily Pepo Farms (Australian Pumpkin Seed Company) are steadily increasing their range and you will see more items from this family owned company supporting community growers. You can read more about them here. We have also extended our range sourced from Biodynamic Marketing.
  2. We have changed the price column to show the per kL/L/unit price rather than the full bulk price to make it a little easier to see what you are paying straight up.
  3. We will adjust the way our dividing up day works to try to alleviate some bottle necks and have individuals arrive, pack and mark off their items between 9am and 10:30am and pods start after 10:45am. Of course we are flexible and understand not everyone can work within those times but it should help reduce the jolly mayhem!
  4. We are still working on the cleaning and bathroom products and will hopefully have more on offer in that area by the next order.

Feedback and new participants are always most welcome. Keep spreading the word as with every new participant it’s a few less pieces of plastic and hopefully more time and less stressed people in our community!

Building a good Anthropocene – ideas from the Sierra Cub

It is hard to see how we can turn around our economic systems to create a positive future.

Many people have considered how a new system might operate, and there is a growing awareness that we need to make the change. But is it happening far too slowly to save the planet?

The attached link comes from the Sierra Club via BEAM life member Lesley Dalziel.  This club arose in 1892 out of the work of John Muir and other amazing people to protect the Sierra Nevada in California.  Since then it has been a very effective leader in conservation in the USA and, indirectly, in thinking about conservation across the world.

We need a Plan B for our consuming society – because, as the article says, there is no Planet B.

Cherry Tree Wind Farm going ahead in 2019

Emily Walker from Infigen Energy emailed to let us know that “the Cherry Tree Wind Farm achieved financial close last week so will start construction in January! It’s been a very busy last few months trying to tie up the last of the land agreements, permits and contracts, but we finally got there!”  See more information on the attached ASX release.

At last!  The original planning application was submitted to the Council in April 2012 and received 110 objections and 5 submissions of support.  BEAM mounted a big campaign to assure local residents that the fear campaign mounted by outside groups were not based on facts – that wind farms did not pose any threats to local residents and that wind farms provided benefits for both the local economy and our urgent need to reduce carbon emissions.

The issue went to VCAT.  In a decision on 26 November 2013, VCAT over-ruled all the major objections to wind farms in general and the Cherry Tree Wind Farm in particular.  Since then, the impact of Commonwealth Government policies on the electricity market has delayed this final step fort Infigen.  They have finally overcome even these hurdles.

We look forward to seeing construction beginning very soon.