BEAM adopts new Vision and Principles

The new Vision and Principles have grown out of the BEAMing Future Workshop and planning day held back in July this year with around 30 members attending – which is detailed in this report. After much discussion, the BEAM Committee has agreed on the new Vision and Principles statements:

BEAM Mitchell Environment Group


A thriving community, locally active and globally aware


  • Stand up on issues that impact our environment
  • Take a collaborative approach and support one another
  • Respect each other – everyone has something to offer
  • Be accountable for what we say and do

We believe that these statements better reflect the BEAM of 2014, where we are interested in a broad range of community issues. These include the natural environment, but also local food production and distribution, resilience in community development in preparation of a world less dependent on fossil fuels and more reliant on renewables, of community energy systems, and effective engagement in our local systems of governance.

Peter Lockyer, BEAM president

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