BEAMbags a big success

Happy BEAMbag punters

Happy BEAMbag punters

BEAM conducted a street stall of hand-made shopping bags being given away for free in front of Coles, Seymour on Saturday morning, Sept 20th. For 4 hours BEAMbags attracted steady interest in the bags, being sown on site by Christine, Linda, Sian and Kunie. They were novel and free. Importantly, a number of positive conversations and connections were made with people about climate change, local responses centred on a DIY approach to the issue and to building local resilience. And there was a lot of interest in renewable energy- the RET, wind farms, getting off-the-grid.

The BEAMbags event provided a colourful Coles entry with flags, solar panel, two sewing machines and casual conversations. Coles staff liked the event, and it gives rise to what and where we can take this idea next, with its colour and its messages. We can publicize the diversity of BEAM events on the Calendar…frog watches, butterfly walks, wildflower parties, market events, guest speakers on various topics of our natural and community environments. BEAMbags took a lot of background work from 10 people, but it was a fun engagement on various environmental issues with more than a hundred Saturday shoppers. Not everyone stayed to chat but they still had a look around, and carried away the flier ( and the conversation may continue if they keep using the bags and people ask where they came from…) and that was the main point of the exercise.

Peter Lockyer,
BEAM Mitchell Environment Group president

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