The BEAMing Future Workshop report

BEAMing Future workshop

On Sunday 27th July, BEAM members gathered together to consider the future of the group.

The  BEAMing Future Workshop was a time to reminisce on the past – the long history BEAM in the Mitchell region, the dedicated, long standing membership base and the maturing of the group as an influential and coordinated force in our community. It was a day to celebrate our successes, recognise our strengths and to acknowledge where we have opportunities for improvement.

But the key purpose of the day was to plan – to look to the future and consider the practicalities and possibilities for the group. The purpose of the day was framed as follows:

“To reaffirm what BEAM means for each of us and how we are practically going to work together to continue to do the great things we have achieved.”

The immediate task for the new committee is to act on thereport (linked below). The workshop held in July had a number of breakouts contributing to 4 areas of activity,

  • Action
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Advocacy

The Report poses an immediate challenge to create a new Vision and a Purpose statement that reflects BEAM in 2014. We have all acknowledged that the interests of the group are broader than the natural environment, and embrace issues of community resilience, climate change, local food promotion and bulk buying. We take stands on encouraging renewable energy development, and the winding down of our dependence on damaging fossil fuels. We react at times (consider Council policies as they develop) and we creatively act at other times, setting our own agenda. The Energy Futures workshop earlier this year was an example of this proactive role.

Download a copy of the BEAM Planning Day Report

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