BEAM’s questions to candidates largely ignored – with one exception

Neil Barker - The Greens

Neil Barker – The Greens candidate for McEwen

After the election was first called and the candidates became known, BEAM also took the time to send a questionnaire to each, asking for their views about issues that would be of interest to the BEAM membership. By the closing date of last Friday 30st August, only one questionnaire (from a total of nine) had been completed and returned. You can find how Green’s candidate Neil Barker views the issues by reading on.

A brief email was also received from Trevor Dance (Palmer United), but it neglected to address the actual questions posed.

Questions to candidates for McEwen 2013

The answers to these questions will be summarised and presented to BEAM members and other interested parties. As there are numerous candidates, you succinctness in reply would be greatly appreciated. Please respond by Friday the 30th of August.

Do you consider climate change to be a significant issue for the McEwen electorate? Yes or No? Why? (Answer very briefly please; 50 words or less)

Yes. Climate change will lead to higher temperatures, higher evaporation rates, more prolonged droughts, vegetation loss, species extinction, more severe flooding, loss of agricultural production potential, huge mitigation costs, and eventually, this will have a very detrimental effect on our economy and on human health.

If it is significant, name 3 areas you will pursue as priority actions, if elected.

  • Encourage greater adoption of clean energy, by increasing the renewable energy target to 90% by 2030, increasing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation funding to $30 billion over 10 years to drive development of clean energy projects, and improve electricity transmission planning to better exploit our renewable energy resources
  • Lower on farm energy bills by funding $100 million worth of grants to energy intensive farms to help them upgrade their equipment and install renewable energy systems
  • Ending fossil fuel subsidies to mining companies and the fossil fuel industries, ending grants to wasteful clean coal research, and redirecting these funds to more useful areas.

Identify 3 key priority areas regarding the environment and McEwen electorate. (dot points will suffice).

  • Encourage development of clean energy projects in the electorate so as to create jobs during construction and in the maintenance phase.
  • Ensure solar panel owners are paid a fair price for their clean power rather than the price coal and gas companies are prepared to pay them
  • Protection of the remaining national parks from the shooting, fishing commercial development and grazing activities recently introduced by the State Government and introducing better protection of environmentally sensitive areas in the electorate.

You can find out more about Neil Barker and The Greens here.

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