Butterflies: Dancing on the hill-top

Imperial White Butterfly

Imperial White Butterfly: the larvae feed on mistletoe

Mount Piper Conservation Reserve 10:00am on Sunday 25th November 2012

Mount Piper is an outstanding feature of the landscape for local residents – including a large variety of butterflies. At least 41 species of butterflies and 10 day-flying moths live on or visit the mountain. Most species fly to the top of Mount Piper where they circle around to meet mates. The larvae feed on a wide range of plants in the Reserve, from grasses and sedges to peas, wattles and mistletoe. Some are cared for by ants.

Officially, the butterflies and moths of Mount Piper are listed as Butterfly Community No.1 and the community is classed as threatened. This includes three threatened species, the Small and Large Ant-blue Butterflies and the Golden Sun Moth.

All the butterflies and moths are active in the warmer months – a perfect time to visit the Reserve and hill-top with the butterflies.

On Sunday 25th November, butterfly expert Dr Tim New will be giving a talk then leading a walk to identify and learn about the very diverse biology and behaviour of the butterflies.

The event is being organised by Friends of Mount Piper with Parks Victoria and BEAM Mitchell Environment Group, supported by a community grant from Mitchell Shire Council.

The day will begin at 9:45 for 10am start at Gavan Hall in Broadford (next to the Anglican Church). Dr New will give an illustrated talk to set the scene for the walk, and a large morning tea will be provided as energy for the walk.

We will then drive to Mount Piper and walk around the base of the mountain to look at the butterflies and visit the Golden Sun Moth sites. Lunch is not provided so bring your own and join us for a cuppa. Then, in the (hopefully) heat of a sunny day, we will go to the hill top to join the dancing butterflies.

Numbers are limited and catering will be provided so bookings are essential: contact Peter Mitchell on 0468 795 954 or email beam.inc@hotmail.com by 19th November.

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