Cherry Tree Wind Farm going ahead in 2019

Emily Walker from Infigen Energy emailed to let us know that “the Cherry Tree Wind Farm achieved financial close last week so will start construction in January! It’s been a very busy last few months trying to tie up the last of the land agreements, permits and contracts, but we finally got there!”  See more information on the attached ASX release.

At last!  The original planning application was submitted to the Council in April 2012 and received 110 objections and 5 submissions of support.  BEAM mounted a big campaign to assure local residents that the fear campaign mounted by outside groups were not based on facts – that wind farms did not pose any threats to local residents and that wind farms provided benefits for both the local economy and our urgent need to reduce carbon emissions.

The issue went to VCAT.  In a decision on 26 November 2013, VCAT over-ruled all the major objections to wind farms in general and the Cherry Tree Wind Farm in particular.  Since then, the impact of Commonwealth Government policies on the electricity market has delayed this final step fort Infigen.  They have finally overcome even these hurdles.

We look forward to seeing construction beginning very soon.

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