Climate Change Bill

Dear BEAM members

People power can make change happen. In 2008, the UK voted in favour of a Climate Change Act that was introduced by an Independent member of parliament.

As you know, on the 23rd of March, Zali Steggall will introduce the Climate Change Bill to Parliament and demand a conscience vote on the Bill.

To support Zali’s Bill, join the 74,000+ people who have already signed a petition that you will find on

In Nicholls, you also have a chance to influence change by writing to Damian Drum. As your representative, he has a duty to respond to his constituents’ demands to vote in support of Zali’s Bill.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider writing, emailing and/or phoning Damian Drum and demand that he vote in favour of this Bill. Let’s flood his office.

Use the text of this BEAM email and use it for your letter to Damian Drum 
Please forward this email to friends who vote in Nicholls.
You can contact him by:

Peter Lockyer
BEAM Mitchell Environment Group

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