Climate change reality leader addresses BEAM’s AGM

AM Docking

Annemaree Docking explains the extend of global climate change.

Our world is undergoing a climate change at an unnaturally greater rate due to human impact on our planet from unsustainable rates of fossil fuel consumption, along with a litany of other disasters created by humanity (wars, famine, plundering of natural resources).

BEAM’s Annual General Meeting held at Gavan Hall, Broadford, on August 16th was treated to a passionate and well informed Annemaree Docking speaking about Climate Change and the predicted impacts on our planet, our ecosystems, our way of life and how a future might be if left unchecked.

Annemaree is a climate reality leader, trained earlier this year by inspiring educators in the field of climate change. The Climate Reality Project is the Australian arm of Al Gore’s climate change leadership. Annemaree spoke of the privilege of being nominated for the training, and the excitement of being trained along with other community leaders.

The future is not a pretty sight if we don’t change course, from a fossil fuel dependent society, with its inequality and total failure of any “trickle down effect” in our voracious appetite for natural resources, to one where resources are consumed more wisely, in less volume in a world powered by renewable energy. This was not new information to the BEAM membership at the meeting, but it is sobering when we again hear of what 2o C warming means for our food production, our way of life, our summers always being a severe fire season in our region, and the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. Annemaree spoke with authority with a good slide show to illustrate the problems and challenges we face right now.

Annemaree Docking was later nominated and duly elected as Vice-President of BEAM Mitchell Environment Group for 2014-15. She is a welcome addition to the skills base in BEAM in advocating for a thriving community, locally active and globally aware. Climate change is real and our actions now with determine the future we inherit.

Footnote. The issues raised by Annemaree Docking were again in the spotlight with the Nicole Foss talk in Seymour October 2nd.


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