Damian Drum awaits your letter

Feeling like a challenge in challenging times?            C’mon, seize the day              and                             RATTLE YOUR PEN, or at least the keyboard.

Write to your Federal member for Nicholls…. Damian Drum MP


And enlighten him on your views about how we might emerge stronger from Covid-19

The BEAM president did on June 8….complete with a forwarded email from Helen Haines (Indi MP) about the Community Energy Plan that she is building for regional Australia, with broad community input (see below).

Damian and staff,

THIS is the type of action and direction that has appeal for the challenges for rural and regional Australia.

THIS is an opportunity for the Nationals to join the 21st century and the post Covid opportunities that can excite about the future.

THIS is an approach for Nicholls electorate that I would like to see.

Whats to stop you, Damian, talking with Helen Haines and building some momentum on this. We need a different type of economy that responds to our environmental challenges, too often understated, and a net-zero carbon future.

I’d like a reply please.


Peter Lockyer

president BEAM Mitchell Environment Group.

And Damian did reply

Drum, Damian (MP)                                                              Tue, 7 Jul, 13:04


To be perfectly blunt, we have enough people pushing for renewables. You don’t need help from me, given that Australia is already leading the way with rooftop solar in a way no other country can compare with per capita.

If Helen has the time to hold community meetings about a plan, that’s great, I hope the plan she develops fits in with the Governments plans, otherwise her time will have been wasted.

Anyway, I am rapt that so much renewable power is being built in Australia and in Nicholls and also rapt with our recent report card on achieving our Paris emissions commitment.



Damian Drum MP
Federal Member for Nicholls and Nationals Chief Whip

But Damian’s response raises more questions than answers.  

Does he speak for you?

Is rooftop solar the limit to Drum’s interest in renewables? What about big wind and solar and batteries and a power future beyond coal? Damian Drum is distracted by gas (as he told PL on the phone), and he toes the party line. Is this good enough? What do you think?

Helen Haines “plan” for Community Energy must fit with the Government plans? Well, the Federal Government has NO energy policy, let alone policy on Community Energy and the value to regional communities of community-owned power. Helen Haines may indeed “write” the Federal policy! What about Policy over Politics, and team up with the neighbouring member in a bi-partisan spirit? There is so much potential here, but our Federal member shows disdain towards Independents (who are a real threat to The Nationals holding their seats. Any wonder why?) and can’t pick up the phone to build a partnership for regional Australia in the renewables, with jobs and investment at stake.

Will the Federal Government meet our Paris Emissions?  The Federal Government has a paltry 26-28% emissions reduction on 2005 figures as its target for 2030 in the Paris Agreement.                        In contrast, most Australian States have targets around 50% reductions by 2030, irrespective of their political stripes.

Brad Giblin is in Nicholls and he responded to this point of Damian Drum’s rapt with our scorecard

“Far from enough…

In the 2020 edition of the Sustainable Development Report, Australia’s score for “climate action” saw it rank second last, sitting 176th of 177 countries assessed, with oil and gas heavy Brunei the only country that received a worse score.”


Australia is the biggest exporter of fossil fuels globally. Are we comfortable with this?

Rattle your pen– it’s a strong way of making something of a lockdown. Can YOU get a reply from Damian too?

Contact Damian Drum MP, the member for Nicholls.

Emails:                  damian.drum.mp@aph.gov.au       

Telephone:          Office.   5821 5371         Mob.     0407 576 604

Post:                     426 Wyndham Street, Shepparton Vic 3630

BUT its hard to get a direct response from the member for Nicholls, Damian Drum.        You may be better off writing to a local newspaper, or any newspaper in Nicholls, and sending a copy to Damian’s office. You can be sure that his staff are trawling local opinion in Letters to the Editor.

Shepparton News.                        editor@sheppnews.com.au

The Telegraph in Seymour.              editor@seymourtelegraph.com.au

The Border Mail…Albury Wodonga.              editor@bordermail.com.au

Euroa.                                            editor@euroa-gazette.com.au

Country News (has a big insert in The Seymour Telegraph, and elsewhere in our region) editor@countrynews.com.au

editor@newspaperhouse.com.au gets into the North Central Review

In a recent video conference about making a difference in the climate change space,  ALP shadow Environment Minister Mark Butler stated that if you want to make an impact on policy in Canberra, you have to make a lot of noise.

Keeping low in lock-down…………. a great time to Make some Noise with your pen. Don’t waste a moment, and have some fun.

And keep safe whilst you do.

Peter Lockyer,  President BEAM Mitchel Environment Group Inc.

If you want an update on Helen Haines MP’s Renewable Energy Plan for regional Australia https://www.helenhaines.org/issues/energy which has a link to the Discussion Paper https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/cb8b5b02f0054b43871a338074a4cb23.

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