EarthChat with recycler designer Jan Flook

Listen to the EarthChat interview with local recycling innovator Jan Flook with your host, Irene Telford. Friday 22nd July at 10:30am on Seymour FM – 103.9

Glass Chandelier by Jan FlookJan Flook is an inspiring designer with a fascination for light, beauty, symmetry and fun. He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of beauty within the mundane, functional objects that surround us, transforming the everyday into practical works of art. Contemporary chandelier and furniture designer, passionate recycler and advocate of modern materials, Jan believes that “It is the hidden shapes that catch us by surprise and on closer inspection reveal their humble beginnings.”

In his current capacity as the director of Jan Flook Lighting, he works with a range of clients including architects, interior designers, agents and a discerning group of private clients who seek a unique and creative feature lighting solution. With a comprehensive understanding of global trends, he applies his advanced knowledge of both modern and historical lighting design to create truly spectacular artistic works that never fail to surprise and delight audiences.

Over the past five years, Jan has created an exquisite range of lighting designs for his clients, which range from high-end restaurants including The Atlantic and Syracuse Restaurant and Wine Bar through to creative arts spaces like Gaal Graphic Studio and Melbourne Design Museum. His discerning clientele have a keen eye for design and seek a bespoke lighting solution that’s a little different and unusual, yet still functional. With a sound business background and an understanding of commercial constraints, Jan works within an agreed budget to ensure that his clients can complete their visualisation of a project on time and within budget. With a personal philosophy to under promise and over deliver, Jan boasts a host of satisfied clients who are only too happy to attest to his astounding creative ability to interpret their vision and work collaboratively to achieve the desired outcome. As such, Jan has built an enviable reputation as one of the most highly sought after lighting designers in the country.

Muffler Chair

As a graduate of the prestigious Florence Design Academy in Italy, Jan has plied his trade across the globe on commissioned works in Milan, Turin, Australia and New Zealand for several top interior design organisations He has received numerous scholarships and awards in Australia, Japan, the US, Italy and France, including the Art in Public Spaces Award, The Distinguished Furniture Award and the prestigious International Luminaire Design Award. Never one to be satisfied with his past achievements, Jan continues to demonstrate his unwavering devotion to excellence and the betterment of his craft by constantly challenging himself and working with new materials and techniques to stunning effect.

Those who know Jan well often remark on his extroverted nature – he’s always fun to be around, doesn’t take himself too seriously, is highly creative and loyal. In his spare time, Jan satisfies his other passions – building and racing Café Racers (motorbikes), sailing and spending time with his beloved family and Doberman on his five acre property.

In the future, Jan hopes to travel the world, sourcing new ideas and developing new techniques, applications and mediums in which to work. With a seemingly endless stream of creativity and a boundless pursuit of excellence, Jan lives by the mantra that “The only truly inexhaustible resource is your imagination”.

Junk Town USA - Jan FlookTelevision program pilot, well worth a look.

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