‘Energy Futures’ forum in the pipeline

BEAM will be presenting an ‘Energy Futures’ forum in Seymour which will look at the what, why and how of energy.

In transitioning from our dependence from limited fossil fuel reserves to harnessing the renewable energy from the sun, wind, water and earth we can reduce our impact on the environment and the severity of climate change.

Reducing our own energy demand will play a major role in our ability to make this transition. So we all have a part to play in our Energy Future.

Guest speakers will talk about future energy options including solar and wind power, battery storage, community energy systems and distribution networks. Along with concerns about Coal Seam Gas (fracking) and the risks associated with NOT moving to a renewable energy future.

The day will be MC’d by Phil Bourne, with Leigh Ewbank of Yes2Renewables. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Gwenda Allgood – long-standing Ararat councilor that has seen the wind farm development
  • David Robinson – leading a pioneering community solar effort on the South Melbourne market
  • Ursula Alquier – Gippsland landowner fighting plans for coal seam gas

The event will be held at the:

VRI Hall near Seymour Railway Station
on Saturday the 16th of November from 2-5pm

Stay tuned to the BEAM website for more information, with more speakers to be announced.

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