Evasive action on energy and climate change

With over three weeks notice given by the organisers of the Seymour Candidates Forum, Donna Petrovich announces that a ‘diary clash’ was the cause of her unavailability for the night.
The very similar excuse of ‘diary error’ was made by Ms Petrovich to Mayor Bill Melbourne regarding important meetings to determine the Liberal Party’s aspirations and priorities for the Mitchell Shire.

Ms Petrovich also was ‘unavailable’ to meet with BEAM Mitchell Environment Group to discuss her position on the Cherry Tree Wind Farm last year.

Why is Donna Petrovich unwilling to present herself on these occasions? Why does she choose to remain silent on how to address climate change?

In the Victorian Parliament Ms Petrovich said “The coalition looks towards the effectiveness and abundance of brown coal as a means to provide a reliable source of energy for Victorians.” (Oct 2011). Also… “I can say from the outset that we will not be supporting any moratorium on exploration for coal seam gas.” (May 2012)

Perhaps her support for ‘fracking’ and the ongoing burning of the dirtiest of fossil fuels has something to do with her reluctance to address these issues? People should think carefully about the likely repercussions before casting their vote this Saturday.

Richard Telford – President
BEAM Mitchell Environment Group

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