‘Fair Food’ at the Seymour Market

Fair Food Week logoWoo Hoo! Calling all BEAM members and Black Marketers!  Something big is happening in your neck of the woods!!!

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is holding their first ever Fair Food Week and we are taking part!  BEAM Mitchell Environment Group is hosting an event at the Seymour Market on the 17th August.  We’re joining forces with Nexus Primary Health, MCRAG, and heaps of other community groups.  We will be showing the public just what can be achieved on a local scale when it comes to food.  There are so many of us in Mitchell enjoying and celebrating local food on a daily basis.  This is our opportunity to come out of hiding, join forces and show everyone the strength in home gardens, community, organic food and local food producers!

This stall belongs to you and me.  Here’s how we are catching the public’s attention…  We will be giving away FREE food at our stall to any who want it!  We are in the process of sourcing some local sausages for a free sausage sizzle.  We plan to make soup to share and give away produce bags of local veggies.  We will also have heaps of information available regarding fair food.  We may even have a veggie garden on show for people to see!

So jump on board everyone.  Be part of this exciting event!  We would love you to be involved by sharing your veggies at the stall, volunteering on the day (or earlier – there’s heaps to be done), or cook up some soup.  We’d love your feedback surrounding this event.

If you have any questions or ideas, just contact Cynthia on 0403 831 520 or me on 0418 482 556.

I can’t wait to hear from you!  I’m really looking forward to this novel event  that showcases Mitchell as a happening place with a HUGE interest in fair food for all!!!

Linda Kennedy

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