Fruit Preserving Workshop

BEAM member Cynthia Lim, from Bluetongue Berries just out of Seymour recently hosted the first workshop in their gorgeous ‘Cantina’ complete with catering kitchen. The workshops are an informal way of sharing skills, and 6 women came together to enjoy the first which focussed on making sourdough bread and ricotta. These activities were led by two other BEAM members, Linda Kennedy and Freya Grant, and Cynthia reports that the sourdough & ricotta were absolutely delicious!


To take part, participants need to bring ingredients and/or contribute to costs. The next workshop will be about preserving (peaches and maybe tomatoes), booked tentatively for Wednesday the 20 March, at 10 am. For this workshop you also need to bring along your Fowler jars and big pots.  Freya is contacting her fruit man and will work out quantities and costs so everyone can take some preserved peaches home.

Some topics already discussed for future workshops are soap making, chutneys, jam and drying foods. Cynthia would also love to learn about identifying local mushrooms if anyone knows about this and can share their skills.  For more information or to get involved, contact Cynthia at Blue Tongue Berries on 0403 831 520.

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