Trust for Nature ‘High Camp’ Open Day

Trust for Nature recently purchased nearly 700 hectares of privately-owned land near Kilmore through its conservation market tool, the Revolving Fund.  An open day is being held on the 15th June from 10.30am – 12.30pm including morning tea at their latest acquisition at 85 Crawfords Road, Highcamp.

The historic Crawford Family property in High Camp, Goulburn Broken, totaled 850 hectares and was held by the family for more than 150 years. Trust for Nature bought the majority of the property late last year through its Revolving Fund, which identifies properties of high conservation value to protect and then sell on to conservation minded buyers. On the day of the auction a critically endangered Golden Sun Moth was seen in the extensive grasslands across the property.

The historic Crawford Family property in High Camp, Goulburn Broken

The historic Crawford Family property in High Camp, Goulburn Broken recently purchase by Trust for Nature

The Trust is keen to learn more about the history of the property as well as the surrounding area and is holding an open day to welcome people interested in looking at the property or who are able to add to the knowledge bank.

The Trust is also looking forward to introducing themselves to the local neighbourhood and to explain in more detail what their preliminary plans are and to answer any questions that people might have.

Black Range ridge from Mt Piper

View from Mount Piper showing the Black Range ridge that includes the TfN property – demonstrating the Piper Biolink

A short walk/drive and talk will be held to explore part of the property and to showcase some of the conservation values of the site and why it is seen as an important purchase in the district.

This initial open day will lead into further field days and workshops as the season’s progress with the opportunity to check out the wildflowers, birds, butterflies and other species that appear throughout the year.

South West Goulburn Landcare and BEAM will be supporting the open day, as this site is seen as a very important link in the Mt Piper Biolink which eventually will form part of the Central Victorian Biolink to promote and enable large-scale landscape connectivity – for further information go to;

If interested in attending the open day please contact Shelagh Curmi (TFN regional manager) 0407 521 154 or

Download the Highcamp open day flyer. For directions, download the Map to Highcamp open day event


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  1. Jan Visinko

    Hi, William Crawford was my gg grandfather and I am trying buy a copy of his High Camp Journal. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me. thanks Jan


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