Media Release: VCAT & Cherry Tree Wind Farm

Media Release

Interim Findings by VCAT in relation to Cherry Tree Hill Wind Farm Development

BEAM (Mitchell Environment Group) welcomes the interim findings of VCAT in relation to the proposed Cherry Tree Hill wind farm.

The Tribunal has concluded that the proposed development complies with the Mitchell Planning Scheme and related noise standards, and will not have either an unacceptable visual impact or unacceptable impact on local flora and fauna. It has also ruled out problems in relation to bushfire, salinity, erosion and aviation, while allowing a further six months for the collection of any evidence on a causal link between wind turbines and health problems.

BEAM President, Caroline Morris states that:

“BEAM has supported the Cherry Tree Hill wind farm development from the outset, as part of a local response to climate change and peak oil. We believe the benefits of this proposal to the local community and environment far outweigh the minimal impacts on existing native flora and fauna. We are very happy with the findings of VCAT to date and look forward to working with Council and DSE on the detail of the permit conditions.”

BEAM provided written submissions in support of the proposed wind farm development to both the Mitchell Shire Council and VCAT. In developing these submissions, BEAM committee members visited the proposed site and transport route, and reviewed a range of documents and information.

In conjunction with Friends of the Earth and the Yes to Renewables team, BEAM also developed a flier, “Wind Farms- the Real Story”, and with donations from members was able to distribute the flier throughout the Mitchell Shire and part of Murrindindi.

“We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to our flier. The list of people publicly pledging their support for the wind farm continues to grow; our membership has significantly increased and support for our Facebook page has tripled” reports Caroline Morris. “The community is keen to see renewable energy projects such as this get the go ahead.”

For further information about how we came to our position on wind farms click here.

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