Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee is seeking members

The Council will soon be seeking nominations for membership of the Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee.  The position is for two years.  We encourage any willing BEAM members to nominate.  Details will be posted on the BEAM website when available.

Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee provides direct input to Mitchell Shire Council on matters relating to the environment.  We address both the natural environment and the sustainable living aspects of Council strategies and plans.  Over the years, the Committee has provided detailed and well-reasoned responses to the Council, and are our views are heard and often included in the Council documents.

The Committee meets monthly, but there is also a bit of reading and email discussion about our submissions to Council.  Under a new Terms of Reference adopted by the Council on 24th June, official meetings will drop to quarterly from November but the business of the Committee will continue as email discussions or occasional working group gatherings between meetings.

Under the new Terms of Reference, the Committee will comprise one Councillor, three staff and nine community, industry and agency representatives.  These representatives should bring a diversity of expertise and experience about the local environment and the community.  We have urged the Council to recognise that the current composition of the Committee actually represents a broad section of the local community concerned about the environment.  Members of the Committee are appointed by the Council.  Until recently, BEAM had an official representative on the Committee;  while this position has now been removed, the community representatives still include several members of BEAM.

If you want any more information about the Committee, contact Marie Gerrard on or Peter Mitchell on 0468 795 954 or

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