National Webinar on community batteries

Community batteries – what are the prospects for your community?

Community batteries are being rolled out in Western Australia with the aim of improving the performance of the power grid, reducing energy costs for the community, and encouraging increased uptake of solar systems on homes.

Mitchell Community Energy (MCE) is conducting a national webinar on community batteries to explore their potential elsewhere in Australia.  The webinar will be held on 31st August at 2.00 pm Melbourne time

The webinar will feature experts from Western Power in WA, Australian National University, Ausnet Services and Indigo Power.

President of Mitchell Community Energy, Peter Lockyer, said that community batteries appeared to be a promising opportunity for rural and regional areas in particular. He hoped that towns in Mitchell Shire could be provided with this technology.

“We are especially keen to also explore how this technology can address social equity issues by making renewable energy more accessible to low income people. Further, Community Batteries appear to be a valuable asset in stabilising renewable energy contributions to the grid.”

For more details and instructions on joining the webinar, go to

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