BEAM has a new look Committee for 2014-15

The BEAM Annual general Meeting on Saturday August 16th at Gavan Hall in Broadford saw a change of faces on the BEAM Committee. Richard Telford (immediate past president) and Caro Morris (past president) have retired from active service on the committee. Caro was awarded Life membership of BEAM for her tireless service over the years.

L-R. Peter Lockyer (Pres), Marie Gerrard (Monument Hill rep), Roslyn Stewart, Irene Telford, Annemaree Docking (Vice-Pres), Robin Shiperd, Christine Cahusac and Simon Cocking. Not pictured (an apology for the meeting), Barbara Moss has taken on the role of Secretary, and Peter Mitchell (apology) becomes Treasurer. Simon Cocking has since been forced to resign (October).

L-R. Peter Lockyer (Pres), Marie Gerrard (Monument Hill rep), Roslyn Stewart, Irene Telford, Annemaree Docking (Vice-Pres), Robin Shiperd, Christine Cahusac and Simon Cocking. Not pictured (an apology for the meeting), Barbara Moss has taken on the role of Secretary, and Peter Mitchell (apology) becomes Treasurer. Simon Cocking has since resigned (October).

New President Peter Lockyer has a committee with a balance of both experience and also new faces to guide us through the coming 12 months.

Annemaree Docking gave a talk on Climate Change at the AGM, and was then nominated at Vice-president. Other new faces on the Committee are Christine Cahusac (bulk foods representative), Irene Telford, Robin Shipard and Roslyn Stewart. They join the old guardians Barbara Moss (treasurer), Marie Gerard (Friends of Monument Hill) and Peter Mitchell (joined as secretary after the AGM). The profiles of the committee members can be seen below.

The Committee has met twice since the AGM; many of the matters discussed are covered elsewhere in this newsletter. The Committee will continue to meet every two months with busy email traffic between meetings.

President: Peter Lockyer

I am an architect and a builder of energy smart homes. Small volume, bespoke as they say.

I have lived in the Tallarook Ranges since 1999 with my partner Sandra Bowkett (potter), after returning from 4 years in the Kimberley (and years in Geelong prior to that) and we share a house with Jenny McInnes (teacher). Our house has a big north view to Seymour, lousy soil for gardening….goat country, as they say.

I have been a BEAM member for about 10 years. I believe BEAM should have an ACTIVE role in the community in environmental advocacy and action as required. Environment for me is both natural, grown, energy and governance. It’s a big sustainable picture that I see, and fun on the way.

Vice-president: Annemaree Docking

I am based on a small property in Willowmavin where I and my partner Wayne raise horses, beef cattle and Wiltshire poll sheep. I have a background in agriculture and has worked around Australia in a number of farming enterprises, including dairy, viticulture and horse breeding.

More recently, I have worked as an Environment officer and Sustainability officer with Mitchell Shire Council and is now employed as an Agribusiness Officer with the City of Whittlesea. I am passionate about the environment, food production and sustainability, with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture and a Diploma in Carbon Management. I also recently trained as a Climate Reality Leader with the Climate Reality Project.

I am new to the BEAM committee and am honoured to be in the position of Vice President.

Secretary: Peter Mitchell

I have been a member since 2003 and a committee member for much of that time. I was made a life member in 2013. I am also a member of Mitchell Shire’s Environment Advisory Committee, Central Victorian Biolink, South West Goulburn Landcare Network, Broadford Land Management Group and Friends of Mount Piper.

I have a background in Zoology but have a wider interest in many aspects of natural history and ecology. From 2003, I was the local Landcare Coordinator, then worked for the Department of Primary Industries in Broadford, assisting landholders with conservation works and undertaking projects on Ecological Vegetation Classes, native grassland management, and the development of a proposal for a Piper Biolink. I “retired” in 2010, but continue to undertake many projects such as bird, vegetation and Golden Sun Moth surveys and Waterwatch. I have prepared many submissions on various Council planning strategies and issues for the Environment Committee and BEAM. I recently completed draft management plans for 17 of the Council’s environmental reserves.

Treasurer: Barbara Moss

I have been a BEAM member since moving to the area in 2002 from East Gippsland with my partner Peter Mitchell. I have a background in nursing and work at the local community health agency. We live in Broadford with 2 dogs and 2 chickens. Our house is built along passive solar principles and we have a backyard of native bushland as well as a productive fruit and veggie garden.

I have a broad and long standing interest in the environment. We regularly visit local bushland areas to look for wildflowers and birds, and travel more widely on car trips (mostly to reserves) and bushwalks.

Committee member and Monument Hill representative: Marie Gerrard

I have been a member of the committee for two years, and was the BEAM representative on the Mitchell Shire Environment Advisory Committee until this position was abolished last year. I live in Kilmore.

Committee member: Christine Cahusac

I am a primary school teacher, mother to six year old Rohanna, and wife to Jonathan Murphy. My husband and I are keen nature lovers and farming and food enthusiasts. We are grateful to live in Mitchell Shire where we are able to connect with the land, wildlife and farm-life that sustain us.

As an educator, I promote the joys of sustainable living and teach students how to make choices that promote regeneration. I look forward to the opportunity to work with many of the schools in Mitchell Shire in their future environmental projects.

Committee member: Irene Telford

I have been married to John Stares for 10 years. We bought a house in the heart of Seymour and moved from Dandenong 18months ago. I am the mother of 2 sons (including Richard) Grandmother of 11 boys and one girl. Currently I work part time from home as Financial Administrator for Be The Change (environmental sustainability, social justice & spiritual fulfilment)

I have a background as a carer in disability, as a Pre School Director, small time workshop facilitator and coaching in creating order from clutter (any stuff including money). I have always been interested in Education, & wellbeing (Masseuse) and growing things. I like the idea of developing community and having fun!

Committee member: Roslyn Stewart

I was born and raised in Broadford and left to go to Pharmacy College. I worked in hospital pharmacy for many years and lived in Strathmore. When Fairfield Hospital closed I decided it was time for a change and spent the next 7 years doing medication reviews in Nursing Homes. I then got itchy feet again and ran a restaurant for a while, studied Public Health, zoology and trained as a Zoo Guide. After my father died 8 years ago I moved back to Broadford and built a bungalow behind my Mum’s house. She is now almost 91 and although she is quite active most of my time is spent caring for her. I love animals and dote on my dog Audrey who unfortunately is diabetic. I am a keen traveller and am addicted to gardening and puzzles of any sort. I work in Wallan Amcal Pharmacy on weekends.

My wish is to make a contribution to this local community that gave so much to me when I was growing up. I’ve always had an interest in environmental issues. I also belong to Rotary and am a member of The Mitchell Suicide Prevention Group.

Committee member: Robin Shipard

I have been in the shire for 6 years, 3 years in Broadford, 3 years in Seymour. I am a Teacher and an Art Therapist and currently practise Art Therapy at a local primary school, going into my 6th year there. I also love to write and paint.

I believe that although our environment faces major challenges, it is not helpful to approach these issues with fear; I therefore think it’s important to find and teach ways to be open and heart-centred in our approach to environmental care.

I also have a strong affinity with trees, feel that they make our world wonderful, and this love of spending time among trees is at the background of my interest in supporting and sharing the journey with BEAM.

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