Reclaim Victoria’s Environment!


The Victorian government is pushing us toward economic disaster as they paralyse growth in our clean energy industry, to milk what’s left of archaic and extremely polluting fossil fuels.

These actions, coming at a time when all of us are experiencing an increase in extreme weather events caused by climate change, don’t serve you, your family, or Victorians.

They’re not listening to us, they’re not listening to science and they’re certainly not listening to reason.

This makes our solution simple. To stop this destruction and Reclaim Victoria’s Environment we’ve got to reach the people they do listen to – the people who voted them into government.

We’ve done research that shows that Victorians are not aware of the destructive environmental actions of the Victorian Coalition Government. And once they find out, they’re ready to take action.

With your help, we’ll expose the environmental mayhem with a powerful advertising and community campaign. The message will be everywhere – in local newspapers, billboards in the street, on the radio, through social networks, online and our 500-strong Superforce will be on the street talking to thousands of people every week.

Our campaign will become dinner table conversation in key electorates through our highly successful grass-roots community actions and stalls. 9,000 people have already joined the call to Reclaim Victoria’s Environment. With your help there will be many more.

The more money you can give, the more people we can reach and the bigger the impact will be on our governments and the choices they make for our environment and future. It’s that simple. Whatever you give, no matter how big or small, will be greatly appreciated.

Together, you and I and others out there will be the group to Reclaim Victoria’s Environment for all Victorians. Take me straight to the donation form >

Reproduced from Environment Victoria’s website

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