Snap Back – wasteful plastic packaging

The Boomerang Alliance is hosting another campaign which BEAM supports

Australians use up to half a million tonnes of plastic per person per year.  Here is one way you can assist to reduce plastic use…….

Snap Back at Plastic Packaging – and WIN a FREE JOCO Cup worth $29.95

Does the weekly grocery shop leave your blood boiling?

Pre-diced onions in sealed plastic bags; scissors encased in hard plastic casing that then require scissors to open; individually wrapped prunes – you name it, Australian retailers have it. Now it’s time to Snap Back.

Boomerang Alliance is offering the opportunity to name and shame the most appalling examples of unnecessary plastic packaging AND the chance to win a JOCO cup worth $29.95.

How to enter Snap Back– it’s too easy

1. Take a photo [within Australia only]

2. Go to our Snap Back page on Facebook

3. Upload your photo [you can submit more than one]

4. Name and shame the offending product/retailer

5. Be in with a chance to win a JOCO cup worth $29.95

6. Get your friends & family to vote [limit one vote per FB user]


According to a National Recycling Survey 2014–15 by the Australian Packaging Covenant [APCO] Australia consumes 944,300 tonnes of plastic. That’s nearly a half tonne of plastic consumed by every single Australian – every year.



Boomerang Alliance is hosting the Future of Plastic Packaging Forum on July 12 where the results and evidence from Snap Back will be presented to representatives from Australia’s biggest retailers.


So next time you see sliced capsicums beneath a tight layer of cling wrap, don’t get mad – get snapping! #snapback

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