Stop the pollution!

11 year old Hollie Kirby

11 year old Hollie Kirby, from Wallan Primary wrote about the change she would like to see in people’s habits that appeared in the North Central Review.

It’s a powerful message that brings hope for a better future. We’ve reproduced her letter here with her permission.

Have you ever wondered what our world would be like in years to come?

If it will be healthy and fit, or weak and ill, I know that if we don’t stop it now our entire future will be polluted. Polluted with chemicals floating in the sky, and polluted with rubbish happily killing the world below.

You may be young just like me, but I believe we can make a difference if we work together. There are many ways we can stop the earth from turning into pollution warfare. For example you could actually try placing your rubbish in the rubbish bins that you walk past, they are sitting almost everywhere. You could try public transport so that there isn’t as many cars to pollute the earth with exhaust fumes, and maybe try to cut down on smoking if you do that. Don’t waste electricity, it may not harm your area, but it is diseasing the land where it is made.

You see there are lots of little things you can do to stop the world from turning into a polluted warfare. We can achieve it if we try, then maybe the world will be a completely different view to the one I’ve been describing. It may be as beautiful as the sun rises in the early mornings, or as beautiful as a meadow of flowers. Whatever your beauty is in the world, imagine ten thousand times more beautiful than that, so now it’s your decision to make and I hope you choose the right one.

Hollie Kirby

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