The *SLOW* in Simple Living

There’s a wealth of information online about living more sustainably, particularly in blogs with some of our own BEAM members contributing to these. One member, Linda Kennedy, recently wrote about slow living…

Getting in touch with the earth

Stepping into a way of life that’s healthier and more meaningful

I have heard many bloggers talk about the fact that slow living is anything but slow! I have had a whinge or two about it myself. I prefer to think of my lifestyle as simple living.

I can see why people choose to talk about ‘slow living’ though. We are moving away from a life of convenience and choosing to take the long road to get the results we want. While it is not the convenient route, but a path that creates extra work, we try to do things in a way that they were done well before supermarkets existed. And it really is ‘slow’ living. Everything is pared back to grass roots – it is a lot slower to make a garment than buy it in the shops, slower to grow broccoli for a few months, slower to make your soap than buy it, but the rewards are amazing!

There is the satisfaction of having made a product, there are health benefits and a sense of peace in knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint. These benefits far outweigh any lack of convenience! To read the remainder of this post feel free to drop in and visit my blog.

Cheers, Linda Kennedy

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