Trees in the Landscape – favorite tree photo competition

Tree Photo Competition
Photograph your favourite tree or views of trees in the living landscape. The photos will be displayed and judged and prizes given on Seymour Show Day in the Exhibition Centre. Your photo will be part of the interactive display at the Exhibition Centre at Seymour Show.

Seymour Agricultural and Pastoral SocietyMitchell Shire is rich in natural treasures such as the many bushland areas that provide vital environmental services as well as eternal discovery and enjoyment. The interactive display will include many groups interested in our environment – Landcare, Waterwatch, BEAM Mitchell Environment Group, Mitchell Shire, Department of Environment and Primary Industries and more.

The Seymour Show is on Saturday the 5th of October 2013 at Kings Park in Seymour. Click here for details.

For more information about the Competition download the flyer or keep reading.

Special Photograph Challenge 2013

Your Favourite Tree

There will be three winners awarded with prize money and a sash.

  1. Artistic

  2. Landscape

  3. Public Vote

Prize money: $20 First and Sash, $10 Second


Exhibition Building ( the Big Green Shed)


Entry Fees: $2.00 per photo
Entries Close:   Tuesday 24th September
Late Entries Accepted by Friday 4th October 8am-9am


Photos may be delivered as follows:

  • mail to: John Miller, PO Box 39, Seymour, Vic 3661, or
  • deliver to: John at the Big Green Shed between 9:00am and 5:00pm on Wednesday 2nd October or 8:00 to 9:00 am on Friday 4th October.

Please put your name and contact details with the photos for prize giving.


from Friday 4th October


  1. Photos to be unframed & mounted on card (includes photographs taken by digital camera & computer printed)
  2. All photos not to exceed A4 (210 x 300 mm)
  3. Entries limited to 4 entries per exhibitor per class
  4. Digital changes to images in general photography sections are limited to normal darkroom techniques. (e.g. dodging, burning etc). Images manipulated beyond this level MUST be entered in the Digital Art Section 5442


John Miller on 0427 190 366

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