Where does Donna Petrovich stand on Cherry Tree?

BEAM president Richard Telford

BEAM president Richard Telford

Newly appointed president of BEAM Mitchell Environment Group, Richard Telford, states that the group has serious concerns about Donna Petrovich’s stance on issues such as climate change and renewable energy targets.

BEAM made several attempts to engage directly with Mrs Petrovich last year regarding her position on wind energy production in our region, she appeared reluctant to explain. Her office provided BEAM with a past press release from March 2012 in which Mrs Petrovich professes a passion for “nurturing alternative and sustainable energy industries”, yet then goes on to describe how she fully supports the restrictive planning policies of the Liberal government in Victoria. These are the same policies that have brought the wind energy industry almost to a halt right across the state, and that have impacted locally on the Cherry Tree Ranges project.

That Mrs Petrovich expresses support for greater reliance on brown coal along with increased exploration for coal seam gas, suggests that her environmental credentials demand extensive public scrutiny, says Mr Telford.

BEAM has submitted a series of environmental questions to all candidates in the seat of McEwen, the answers will be posted on our website by the 1st of September and should be of interest to voters right across the electorate. While Mrs Petrovich has so far been reluctant to expose her current position, BEAM looks forward to the Candidate’s Forum in Seymour on Wednesday, where Donna Petrovich will have the opportunity to reveal what she really stands for.

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