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EARTHCHAT: Beautiful Weather Invites Us Back Into Nature

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

This late Spring weather is providing the perfect conditions for us to enjoy being out in nature. Winter in nature is also good but these gentler warm sunny days mean we can relax over a picnic and enjoy more time in the many special natural reserves surrounding Seymour as well as throughout the Mitchell Shire.

Ruth welcomes back local conservationist Peter Mitchell who you will remember took us on a magical mystery tour around the Shire’s beautiful nature reserves, using the ‘natural treasures’ leaflet he and others created as a helpful guide. The Natural Treasures leaflet is available in all the Shire’s Information Centres and libraries.

Peter has been busily updating this leaflet so soon there will be a new and expanded version including a new online version, so watch this space! Peter will give us a sneak preview on what’s being added on this week’s EarthChat.

As Spring merges into Summer and the Wattle begins to fade, Peter reveals the many different plant species still to look out for - for example, the delicate little orchids that continue to be around until Summer brings on the heat.

Many parent birds are busily teaching their fledged youngsters how to forage so they can feed themselves, and how to (hopefully) successfully survive the many cats in our environment, especially those who are still not kept in during curfew hours - dawn to dusk, which should preferably be from 6pm - 8 am. From the start of this month of October in Melbourne’s Knox Council cats have to be kept on the owner’s property 24 hours a day. We need this to happen here!

This important work also raises awareness and keeps Council informed about what’s important in our natural environments and what areas require special care and conservation. Peter can tell us how we can all be part of the solution of caring for these precious reserves, including natural roadsides, to ensure they thrive to provide essential habitat for the many creatures who live in them, yes, even at the side of roads!

Join us for what is always a highly informed and entertaining conversation when Peter comes on the show.

Peter Mitchell

Peter has a PhD in zoology and years of experience in ecology and land management. He has worked as a Landcare coordinator, teacher and land management officer with government departments. Since retiring, Peter has been involved in many volunteer groups working on landscape restoration and the management of many of Mitchell Shire’s Natural Treasures. He has written many of BEAM’s submissions to government agencies including the Shire’s Structure Plans and Rural Strategy.

Wallaby image by Andrew Morrison

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