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Life membership for Peter Lockyer

Current and past BEAM committee members recently had the opportunity to gather socially in person for the first time in a couple of years.

At this gathering, we had the great opportunity to present President Peter Lockyer with a life membership of BEAM Mitchell Environment Group. Pictured is Peter Mitchell, another BEAM life member, presenting it to Peter Lockyer.

Peter Lockyer joined the committee in 2010, was Vice-president in 2012 and has been president for 7 of the past 8 years. With Peter’s strong leadership, BEAM has expanded its involvement into in many areas.

Peter has been central to many initiatives, including the Sustainable Seymour workshops, the formation of Mitchell Community Energy, engaging with Mitchell Shire Council (including the successful push for Council to acknowledge a climate emergency), and establishing EarthChat, our weekly radio program on Seymour FM 103.9.

That is just a short list of highlights. There are many other projects and campaigns that Peter has either led or participated in – including of course the running of BEAM itself.

So the 2020 Committee decided to award Peter Lockyer a Life membership of BEAM. This is the first opportunity since the AGM to present the Certificate of Life Membership to Peter with people actually present– with thanks to Richard for the certificate and Vito for his wonderful silky oak frame.

Peter joins a list of BEAM life members who have been recognised for their contributions since our group formed in 1989. We thank them all for their time, energy and dedication to our local environment and community.

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