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A Big Survey in Nicholls? Damian Drum has missed an opportunity.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

There are some big issues in Nicholls that would appear to still not make it on to the coalition agenda in Canberra. Member for Nicholls Damian Drum recently put out his "Big Survey" of voter attitudes and priorities in a range of issues, but they are too limited.

Damian Drum’s limited survey

I have filled in and mailed Damian Drum’s “Big Survey”, but I’m feeling annoyed by it.

Firstly, why would you survey your electorate views after nearly two terms of being the Federal member? What views has Damian been taking to parliament before?

Secondly, far from being a BIG survey, this is more a limited survey of one’s priorities amongst the Coalition issues. The Federal Government repeatedly ignores the biggest issue of our time, ambitious action on climate change. So does the questionnaire. The only mention of emissions is in reference to the woefully inadequate federal target of 26-28% reduction in the Paris accord. And support, or not, for a Carbon Tax has no context, yet it is a big issue. The survey does ask where you see "action on local environment". Nothing bigger.

There is no mention of emergent regional issues like the energy transition and our future with renewable energy, of wind and solar and big batteries, and community power ownership. The Prime Minister can’t acknowledge the role of big batteries in stable renewable energy, and nor does Damian Drum.

Big questions would include the continued federal subsidy of the fossil fuel industry, or the contentious gas-fired recovery, or Carbon Capture and Storage as a bottomless pit of research failure. This is arguably the "soft under-belly" of the coalition, the issues they avoid..

There is no mention of regenerative farming. No mention of farmers putting trees back on the farms, or water conservation measures. No mention of electric vehicles, maybe powered by farm generation.

Sadly, this is just a Limited Survey of the coalition prism. Not good enough.

For me and BEAM Mitchell Environment Group, I want vision and ambition from my local member, and my Federal Government. The “Big Survey” is a missed opportunity.


Peter Lockyer President, BEAM

Post Script. An article in the New Daily June 16th suggests we are on the cusp of a third boom in renewables, this time in battery storage and infrastructure upgrade.

Damian, if you are reading, this is what the future looks like.

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Unknown member
Jun 14, 2021


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