Australia has failed Greater Gliders after the Black Summer Fires.

The habitat for greater gliders suffered a huge blow in the 2019-20 Black Summer fires.

29% of Greater Glider habitat was destroyed down the east coast, and 40% of this was from high intensity fire, so total destruction of glider and habitat..

What about in the Central Highlands? In the Tallarook Ranges?

A Greater Glider in Magazine Track, Tallarook Forests earlier this year. (Image credit: Norm Stimson)

The greater glider (Petauroides volans) is a large, nocturnal gliding marsupial endemic to Australia. Strictly arboreal, they are vulnerable to habitat loss and disturbance due to their specialised diet of eucalypt leaves and obligate dependence on mature trees with large hollows for shelter. Greater gliders have a widespread distribution primarily associated with eucalypt forests along the Great Dividing Range from northern Queensland to southern Victoria, to the Central Highlands including the Tallarook Ranges.

Gliders resident in the Tallarook Forest, as effectively an "island of forest" cannot relocate with forest disturbance (logging?) and fires. They live in trees, and do not migrate across clear country. As BEAM citizen scientists are finding, our local Greater Gliders are unique, and vulnerable.

The greater glider is edging towards extinction, but there is still