BEAM Rejects Logging Plans for the Tallarook Forest

Updated: May 26, 2021

Press release 14th March 2021

Despite eventually having a video meeting, then a forest meeting with VicForests,

the meetings we have had have not mollified our concerns about their logging plans

for the Tallarook Forest.

VicForests have said that they will only cut fifty per cent of the trees in the logging

coupes. That is still fifty per cent too many. BEAM’s citizen science surveys have

discovered a very high number of massive ancient trees, hundreds of years old. The

coupes planned for logging are an old growth forest, and should not be logged at all.

That is Victorian government policy since 2019: No more logging in old growth forest.

VicForests has not bothered to do an old growth forest assessment, even though

most of the coupes to be logged have not been harvested for more than sixty years,

so far back there are no records of earlier logging.

As climate change advances, we need to do all we can to draw down carbon

from the atmosphere. Keeping old growth forest is an important way to do this.

Surveys conducted over the last 12 months have found more than one hundred