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BEAM says no to proposed quarry in Wallan/Beveridge

BEAM Mitchell Environment Group joins the chorus of opposition of the Wallan and

Beveridge residential communities and our Mitchell Shire in calling on the Victorian

State Government to reject the proposed quarry in Wallan/Beveridge. The Application area is in the immediate vicinity of the growing Beveridge and Wallan

residential communities. If this was an existing quarry, residential expansion might

be viewed differently, but this is not the case. The proposed location of this quarry

is less than 1km from existing homes and in the middle of a master-planned


A new quarry proposal is simply a blueprint for unnecessary and ongoing conflict.

Read our letter to Planning Minister Richard Wynne, outlining our full concerns about the proposal:

No new Quarry for Beveridge Wallan
Download DOCX • 112KB

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