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EARTHCHAT: Birdlife Australia - Save birds, save lives

Join Marie and Ruth on EarthChat at 12noon this Tuesday, 18th June on SeymourFM. The show will be a great chance to learn about Birdlife Australia, a long-standing group that makes the most of the power of citizen science.

We will be discussing the long term findings of the organisation's annual bird count with the Hon Kelvin Thomson who as well as a long career in politics has been a bird watcher since childhood He is a life member of Birdlife Australia as well as their Education Officer. It will be an interesting and informative conversation.

Many of us environmental activists have a love of birds and their place in nature in our childhoods. BEAM always welcomes children in our activities. Want to learn more about Birdlife Australia, check out their informative website here.

Join us 12 noon, Tuesday 18th June. The show will be repeated on 103.9 SeymourFM at 8am on Saturday. Click here for Seymour FM's website

Can't catch the radio broadcast? Catch up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts,  Podbean and the BEAM website. We make it easy to Earth-Chat!

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