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EARTHCHAT: Deep Ecology – igniting our passion for the living Earth

On this week's EarthChat, Tim and Ruth will be chatting with Liz Downes about Deep Ecology. What is Deep Ecology? It is a way of life that supports conscious activism. It’s a sense of being part of the earth and called into action by the web of life. activism and facilitation work then involves creating a sense of community among like-minded people who want to explore this connection with the web of life.


Liz Downes is a forest activist, researcher and campaigner. Her recent focus has been in Ecuador, where mining is threatening the world’s most biodiverse regions. Liz is director of the Rainforest Information Centre and a facilitator of Deep Ecology, helping others do experiential work which aims to ignite our passion for the living Earth and the knowing of ourselves as part of it, which lead to empowerment and action in difficult times.

Join us 12 noon, Tuesday 28th May. The show will be repeated on 103.9 SeymourFM at 8am on Saturday. Click here for Seymour FM's website

Can't catch the radio broadcast? Catch up on Spotify, Apple Podcasts,  Podbean and the BEAM website. We make it easy to Earth-Chat!


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