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EARTHCHAT: Discovering Wildflowers in and around Seymour

Friday 13 August 10am and Saturday 14 August 8am and also on podcast:

Peter Mitchell rejoins Ruth Yeatman for the Spring version of the Magical Mystery Tour of the natural treasures in and around our region.

Peter has a PhD in zoology, and is an ecology expert. He was also a Landcare coordinator, and has had various roles advocating for the environment in government departments. Since retiring, Peter is involved in many environmental and activist groups, including the Broadford Land Management Group, the Seymour Revitalisation Community Working Group, and the Biolinks Alliance. Peter writes many of the BEAM Mitchell Environment Group's submissions such as the responses to the Seymour and Kilmore Structure Plans, sometimes behind the scenes, and it is work for which BEAM is very grateful. He is keen to focus on raising awareness about the critical need for biodiversity in our environment and to help create opportunities to allow this to increase and thrive.

EarthChat on 103.9 Seymour FM on Friday at 10am, repeated on Saturday at 8am

Listen up and get fired up.

Tune in to BEAM's radio program EarthChat each Friday on Seymour FM at 10am or to the repeat on Saturday at 8am.

Time to tune in, listen up and get active EarthChatters!

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