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EARTHCHAT: Our Catchments, Our Communities

Updated: Nov 12

10 November 2023: Missed the show? Listen back here.

On EarthChat this week Vanessa Malandrin will talk about what’s she’s been up to in the past months.

Vanessa works as a project coordinator for the local Landcare group, Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative, and this year she is the winner of the “Our Catchments, Our Communities” Leadership Development Grant Program, Category Women in Leadership.

Thanks to this grant, Vanessa has been able to attend courses to improve her knowledge about soil health, soil microbial ecology, grazing and water management on farms, which will help her to meet the growing demand of landowners who are interested in new ways to look after their farms, and generate an income while delivering ecosystem services.

To learn more about the OCOC program and the 2023 grants recipients, follow this link.

Vanessa receiving the Natural Sequence Farming certificate

from Peter Andrews OAM, and his son Stuart

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