Mitchell Community Energy

A Seymour Sports and Aquatic Centre carpark solar and shade structure

The Seymour Sports and Aquatic Centre currently has a 99kW rooftop PV system, which generates 25% of the Centre’s electricity needs, and saves Council about $30,000 annually. But what about the other 75%?

Image courtesy of GIEnergy

In March 2020 MCE received a grant from DELWP to assist with the design and costing of the project and our submission is based on the results of that study. We received support from Council officers who provided detailed data on power usage at SSAC. Detailed design and cost estimates have been obtained with professional input from Cosmic Energy Australia.

Proposal to Council. In the Council Budget process recently, MCE made a written submission, then presented TWO proposals in JUST FIVE MINUTES to Council on May 24th. The presentation appeared to be well received, with MCE expressing frustration that the delayed Chittick Park Redevelopment draft plan has yet to see the light of day, and so construction of the carpark PV facility consideration by Council is delayed. But it need not be. Council is foregoing an expected $83,000 in power savings annually with this delay.

Here are the details:

1. The first proposal is to construct a car park shade structure with PV panels fitted on top. The structure would provide shade for 100 cars and carry 336.6 kW of PV panels, which would generate 440 MWh The cost would be $665,000, including GST, and save $83,000 per year. Payback would be in 8 years. A further step in this proposal would be to add two 58 kW, 232 kWh Tesla batteries. The total cost would be $950,000, including GST, and save $101,000 per year. Payback would be in 9.4 years. This then creates a Safe Place in Seymour with 100% independent power in an emergency.