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3 thoughts on “Locations

  1. Stuart Hollingsworth

    Hi. Went to seymour Goulburn big4 holiday park and grabed your flyer to look at local attractions and found that the best part of our day was wasting fuel looking for locations of interest.
    Firstly Hughes creek (no.2 )entrance is a farmers gate. Not even a track to assume it went anywhere .
    Second, (no.7) Horseshoe Lagoon is forbidden to trespass with lots of notification to stressly turn around beyond a point about half way down the road.

    1. Barb Moss

      Hello Stuart
      We are sorry that your found the area so stressful and difficult to get around. I am not certain which brochure you are speaking of – but we wll follow up with the caravan park to look at the brochure you mention and get it amended. Thanks for the feedback

  2. Peter Mitchell

    Hello Stuart,
    We checked out the Natural Treasures brochure I guess you have (here). All the sites in the brochure have public access. The road into Horseshoe Lagoon does have No Trespassers signs but these apply to the unfenced farmland that the track runs through, not the track itself. Stick to the track and cross the cattle grids to reach the Lagoon. Hughes Creek runs beside Hughes Creek or Tarcombe Road and this is the main visitor area with places to pull off the road and enjoy the pools along the creek. Hughes Creek Conservation Reserve is downstream through a gorge. I haven’t been in there for a while but it is certainly not for vehicle access. I will check it out.
    Peter Mitchell


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