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Australian Conservation Foundation wins Adani court case

Two and a half years after lodging our case – alleging the Morrison Government broke its own laws when assessing Adani’s water-guzzling pipeline – we now have confirmation that the Federal Court has ruled in favour of our claim. This win would not have been possible without your support – thank you for backing us every step of the way!

Why is this win so significant? It means Adani has to start again with its plans to pump 12.5 billion litres of water from some of our most drought-affected areas to run its climate-wrecking mine. A coal mine can’t operate without water so this is a major setback for Adani.

This is a great win for the protection of water on our dry continent from coal mining. It’s a win for farmers who depend on reliable flows of river water in our drought-prone landscape. It sets a precedent that water infrastructure for coal seam gas and large coal mining projects must be assessed under our national environment law, including all potential water sources for the Carmichael mine and other coal mines in the Galilee basin.

But one thing we can be sure of is that Adani won’t accept this defeat, and so our work must continue. We will continue to do everything in our power to stop Adani’s polluting coal mine but we also need to focus on the long game.

With your support we can:

  • Stop coal mining and replace it with clean exports, sending our sunshine to the world to become a clean energy superpower.

  • Campaign for clean solutions like renewable powered energy, hydrogen, steel and aluminium.

  • Continue pushing for strong new national environment laws that protect our environment, people and wildlife.

Give now to power our critical work today. ACF is funded by tens of thousands of Australians. This means our campaigns to protect our living world are fearless, objective and independent.

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