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EARTHCHAT: Good news from Mitchell Youth Services!

Ryan Hutchison(r), Tara Kinsey, Kris Johnson

Seymour now has its own Youth Development Officer. Appointed to this new role is Ryan Hutchison who joins Ruth on EarthChat this week, along with the two other full time Youth Development Officers for the Mitchell Shire, Tara Kinsey and Kris Johnson. They will fill us in on what the Council is offering Youth aged 12 - 24 throughout the Shire as well as Seymour.


Mitchell Youth Services aim to promote young people’s health, social inclusion, skill development, and leadership, and provide young people with opportunities to engage in arts and culture, youth development, community strengthening and civic life. Young people between the age of 12 to 24 can advocate for their needs to the Council through the Youth Council. Click here for more information.


Join us, and bring a pen so you can take notes to pass on to your children and grandchildren about what’s on offer in the region for young people aged 12 to 24. EarthChat, this Friday at 10am on Seymour FM, repeated at 8am on Saturday.

EarthChat is moving timeslots! From next week, tune in to SeymourFM on Tuesdays at 12noon. Our first Tuesday guest is Rosemary Kelly, and the topic "Is your super invested ethically with regard to the future of people and the planet?" Join us 12noon, Tuesday 5th March. Repeats will still be 8am on Saturdays.

Seymour FM 103.9 MHz website  and Live Streaming 

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