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EARTHCHAT: How the war in Gaza impacts on life and the environment

Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza City, April 2024 (WHO photo)

Over the last six months, the killing of over 30,000 people and the forced relocation of approximately 2 million people has brought global attention to the plight of people in Gaza and the wider conflict between Israel and Palestine. Our EarthChat guest this week is Dr Rachel Coghlan who completed her PhD on palliative care in Gaza and who maintains close contact with health workers and others there who are enduring the ongoing destruction talking place. Houses and hospitals have been damaged and destroyed, fields and trees uprooted, people left without access to food, clean water or sanitation. Join Tim and Ruth on Tuesday as they talk to Rachel about the damage to society and to the environment that has taken place and ask ourselves, what role can we play in advocating for peace, reconciliation and restoration of destroyed ecosystems?

Rachel Coghlan is a public health leader with over 20 years’ experience in clinical physiotherapy and in international humanitarian health research, policy, and advocacy. She is also a Fulbright Scholar and holds a PhD from the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, at Deakin University. She has contributed to palliative care research and education in Gaza and maintains connections with Palestinian friends and colleagues. Rachel is a curious thinker and listener, always searching to learn from those most affected by illness and humanitarian crises with a view to trying to help make some sense of the grief and suffering that mark life in our world.

Join us 12noon, Tuesday 23rd April. The show will be repeated on 103.9 SeymourFM at 8am on Saturday. Click here for Seymour FM's website

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