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EARTHCHAT: Lessons from the Voice Referendum!

Despite the recent referendum result the reconciliation journey continues - it is far from over as the need for recognition, justice, and healing is ongoing.


6.2 million Australians voted YES. And then there were many who voted NO who actually want positive change for indigenous people in this country but because of confusion and misinformation they heeded the outrageous advice from the Leader of the Opposition who counselled: “If you don’t know, vote NO..” What on earth happened to: ‘if you don’t know, find out’?


As we prepare for Treaty negotiations in Victoria let’s get clear about what drove people to vote NO? We must learn these lessons to ensure Victorians are clear that this important opportunity ensures Indigenous Victorians will at last have the freedom and power to make the decisions that affect all of their communities, cultures, and Country. They are after all the experts when it comes to identifying and communicating their needs.


Ruth’s guest this week is Professor Andrew Gunstone who is an international authority in the field of reconciliation. His recent book: Reflections On The Voice : During and After the Campaign, the first to explore the Referendum and its Aftermath, was written both during and after the Referendum campaign.


It explores many critical reconciliation matters, including Indigenous rights, addressing racism substantive reconciliation, equality, truth-telling, community engagements, international agreements, and allyship.


Prof. Gunstone is the Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Reconciliation at Federation University, where he has institutional responsibility for all reconciliation matters, including the Nations Centre for Reconciliation, Truth, and Justice, which he created in 2023.


Andrew has been engaged in reconciliation for many years and is also Co-Chair of Reconciliation Victoria, the peak State-wide reconciliation body; Foundation Editor of the Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues, Co-convenor of the National University R.A.P. Network; and a member of the serval national and regional reconciliation committees.


Join Ruth for this important conversation with Andrew Gunstone who will help us get clear about what it will mean to have a Treaty in Victoria.

Join us 12noon, Tuesday 3rd July, 2024. The show will be repeated on 103.9 SeymourFM at 8am on Saturday. Click here for Seymour FM's website

Can't catch the radio broadcast? It's already on Spotify, Apple Podcasts,  Podbean and the BEAM website. We make it easy to Earth-Chat!


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